The House

CDS_0210CDS_0029La Maison de Bavière opened after the former owners made several journeys in the Alps and undertook to create a real Bavarian atmosphere in a charming and unexpected decor.  Every shutter, door, bathtub, etc, is meticulously painted according to the Bavarian tradition… a surprising and magical place to discover.

It’s in the lounge that your will enjoy the fireplace, relaxing in comfortable sofas at the sound of soft music. With its cathedral ceiling, three attic windows, this magnificent room carries you to Bavaria.

The huge panoramic window looks on the Parc des Amoureux, an extraordinary view on nature. A small refrigerator and wine glasses are at your disposal to share a cocktail with your friends.  You can also relax and taste a Jägertee (a hot red wine and spicy tea).

The dining room is characterized by a beautiful bay window and its cathedral ceilings. Rediscover the country’s serenity with its quiet morning’s perfume and the pleasure of a delicious breakfast in a charming Austrian house.

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